Disability Services

*Details on this page are to keep in mind for Morningside campus ceremonies. All school ceremonies scheduled for the South Lawn of Morningside Campus will relocate. Based on feedback from our students, we have decided to focus attention on our Class Days and school-level graduation ceremonies, where students are honored individually alongside their peers, and to forego the university-wide ceremony that is scheduled for May 15. Details about degree conferral are forthcoming.

Visit Announcements for more details.

Disability Services coordinates accessibility efforts for Commencement Day, as well as individual school ceremonies and the Baccalaureate Service. Guests do not need to alert the University in advance to reserve seating or make other arrangements, and no special tickets are required to enter designated seating areas.

Throughout the week’s activities, Disability Services staff, Event Volunteers, and Public Safety officers will be on hand to assist graduates and guests with disabilities.

Disability Services is a resource for students with disabilities throughout the academic year and ensures that Commencement season activities are accessible to all graduates and guests.

Entering Campus

Guests with disabilities or limited mobility, older individuals needing assistance, or those in need of sign language interpretation should enter campus through one of two designated gates:

  • 116th Street at Amsterdam Avenue
    • Gate opens at 7:00 a.m.
  • 115th Street at Amsterdam Avenue
    • Gate opens at 7:00 a.m.

If arriving by car, it is recommended that guests be dropped off at one of these two gates before the driver finds parking, as available spots could be a significant distance from campus.

Shuttle Bus

A free shuttle will circle the Morningside Campus and transport guests who need assistance to the designated disability access gate on Amsterdam Avenue. Event staff wearing blue t-shirts will be posted along Broadway to help request shuttle service. 

Due to the large crowd at Commencement, there can be a long wait for the shuttle. To avoid the wait, it is suggested that guests proceed directly to the designated disability access gates.


Seating is reserved in areas strategically placed near accessible restrooms, designated gates, and in shade if outdoors.

  • College Walk near Kent Hall at 116th and Amsterdam Avenue (seating, wheelchair accessibility, sign language interpretation)
  • Tent adjacent to Hamilton Hall at 116th and Amsterdam Avenue (seating, wheelchair accessibility, sign language interpretation, closed caption video)

Guests can also view the ceremony from Levien Gymnasium—an indoor accessible viewing location for guests.

Services For Guests with Visual Disabilities

Large print programs are available at designated seating areas if seated outdoors on Morningside Campus with sign language interpretation for guests who are deaf or hard of hearing. The seating area adjacent to Hamilton Hall at 116th and Amsterdam Avenue will also have a closed-captioned video of the ceremony.

Service Dogs on Campus

Trained or in-training service dogs that work to perform specific tasks for a person with a disability are welcome on campus during Commencement week and beyond, in any of the available venues on campus.

After The Ceremony 

Before and during the ceremony, College Walk and the South Lawn (lower campus) are open to guests only. After the ceremony, guests will need to exit the campus, which will remain closed for the duration of the day.

The campus accessibility map; details what parts of campus are wheelchair accessible. Printed copies of the map are available at the Public Safety booths at Broadway and at Amsterdam Avenue or at the Disability Services Office.