Todd Jick

Professor Todd Jick, Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Business Management Division, has been at Columbia Business School since 2006. He has an MS and PhD from Cornell in Organizational Behavior. He twice received the prestigious Singhvi Prize for Teaching Excellence, selected by students, and the Dean’s Teaching Award for Excellence in Elective Teaching. He is a leading expert in Leadership and Organizational Change and the creator of very popular electives on those topics, as well as Bridging the American Divides. His passion for teaching has been central in his career--attracting full enrollments and lengthy waitlists, leading annual Orientation sessions for all entering students, pioneering classroom innovations, and mentoring junior faculty. His textbook, Managing Change, is a leading offering in the field. He was a professor at the Harvard Business School for 10 years and a visiting professor, organizational behavior-human resource management, at INSEAD and London Business School. 

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