Manasi Jayakumar

Manasi Jayakumar is a Doctoral Candidate and GSAS Teaching Scholar in the Department of Psychology. Under the guidance of Dr. Mariam Aly, her dissertation research examines the influence of fluctuations in attention on long-term memory. During her graduate studies, Manasi has taught in various roles, including as an instructor of record, where she developed and taught her seminar course titled “Cognition: from Lab to Life!”. She prioritizes and values inclusive pedagogical training and has held multiple fellowships with the Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning. Jayakumar has been instrumental in developing the Summer Internship Program in Psychological Sciences (SIPPS) and continues to lead its many workshop series. In the classroom, she fosters inclusivity by employing evidence-based strategies and structured participatory activities. Manasi is passionate about and dedicated to providing educational and research opportunities in an equitable manner to cultivate scientifically literate individuals ready to make meaningful contributions to society.

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