Katherine Fox-Glassman

Katherine Fox-Glassman is a lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Columbia’s Department of Psychology. She received her BA in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Harvard University and her PhD in Psychology from Columbia University. With research interests that straddle the intersection of earth science and cognitive science, she studies the ways that people make decisions in risky situations, how cognitive theory can be leveraged to improve preparedness against natural hazards, and how to more effectively communicate scientific information to the public.

Dr. Fox-Glassman advises majors in the Psychology Department, where she teaches courses in statistics, decision making, and research methods. She trains the department’s graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants, and teaches a graduate seminar in the theory and practice of teaching. She incorporates insights from the science of learning and memory into her course design, and motivates her students by spotlighting the real-world applications of course topics.

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