Ana DiGiovanni

Ana DiGiovanni is a 4th year PhD student in the Department of Psychology, working under the guidance of Dr. Niall Bolger. As the co-founder of the Summer Internship Program in Psychological Science (SIPPS) and the co-creator and instructor of The How-Tos of Research, DiGiovanni seeks to make difficult concepts within psychology and statistics accessible to students from a range of backgrounds, while equipping them with hands-on skills that are useful in a multitude of settings. Her pedagogy focuses on removing obstacles from students’ learning and teaching with flexibility. In the classroom, this looks like deemphasizing correctness and punitive grading, using scaffolded assignments to break down difficult concepts, and always encouraging students to bring their whole identities into learning spaces. Her research focuses on how individuals rely on others during stressful times, and much of this has informed her pedagogical approach that emphasizes the dyadic nature of teaching.

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