Adam Galinsky

Professor Adam Galinsky has published more than 200 scientific articles, chapters, and teaching cases in the fields of management and social psychology. His research and teaching focus on leadership, power, negotiations, decision-making, diversity, and ethics. He co-authored the best-selling book, Friend & Foe (Penguin Random House, 2015), which offers a radically new perspective on conflict and cooperation. His Ted talk, “How to Speak Up for Yourself,” is one of the most popular of all time with over 5.9 million views.

Professor Galinsky’s research has received numerous national and international awards from the scientific community. In 2016, he received the Career Trajectory Award, given to one researcher each year for “uniquely creative and influential scholarly productivity at or near the peak of one's scientific career.” Thinkers50 selected him as one of the Best Thinkers on Talent in 2015. Poets and Quants selected Professor Galinsky as one of the World’s 50 Best B-School Professors (2012). He has received teaching awards at the Kellogg School of Management and Princeton University.

Professor Galinsky has consulted with and conducted executive workshops for hundreds of clients across the globe, including Fortune 100 firms, non-profits, and local and national governments. He was the sole expert witness in a 2006 defamation trial in which the plaintiff whom he represented was awarded $37 million in damages. He has served as a legal expert in multiple defamation lawsuits.  

He is the Executive and Associate Producer on many award-winning documentaries, including two, Horns and Halos (2003) and Battle for Brooklyn (2011), which were short-listed for Best Documentary at the Academy Awards.


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